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Ensure quick and easy locking for your vehicle with advanced slam and dead locks at The London Sunroof Co, Harrow


Slam locks automatically locks and secures your vehicle once the door is shut. It then requires the use of the corresponding key to open the door.


Deadlocks include a mechanism which only opens with the correct key, which stops the lock bolt from being inserted back into the lock case.


Our locks can be Thatcham approved if required by your insurance company.

Instant locking systems for your car or van

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Brands of lock we stock include:

If car security is a top priority for you, when why not add an alarm or immobiliser for your vehicle? Our state of the art systems at our store in Harrow can be programmed to your specifications and guarantees security.


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We also stock a range of modern alarms and immobilisers

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Instant locking systems


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