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If you are regularly having to park in a tight spot near a dangerous wall or object then our parking sensors can help you to no end.  We stock front and rear parking aids, aids with displays and reversing cameras.


The sensor emits a beep which increases in volume and frequency as your car gets nearer to an obstacle which could damage your car if hit. Our systems can be adjusted in terms of volume as well as a self-test function, which makes the user aware of any faults.

Make your parking hassle free with our sensors

Are you or a friend struggling with mobility in your car due to a disability?


We have motor disability adaptations such as hand controlled acceleration/braking and wheelchair hoists.


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We also stock a wide range of adaptations for disabled drivers

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Ensure you are using your mobile safely with one of our Bluetooth phone kits. It is now illegal to use your mobile phone when driving, so one of our hands-free kits are just what you need on the go.

Bluetooth Phone Kits

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